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Well-qualified, friendly and patient tutor can help you through, with provision for:

  • Quantitative methods and statistics for degrees in economics, business, social sciences, medicine etc. I regularly tutor data analysis and financial maths courses for MBA and econometrics for undergraduate economics.
  •  A-level Maths: I have taught all major boards (EdExcel, OCR, MEI and AQA), plus Further Maths and STEP preparation. All modules covered, including applied modules S1-S6, M1-M5, D1-D2 and further pure FP1-FP4.
  • Numeracy test preparation: QTS skills tests for teacher training, UKCAT for medical school and psychometric numerical reasoning (SHL, Kenexa) for graduate jobs.
  • Maths, statistics and science to GCSE, including International GCSE.
  • Data analysis, publication-quality graphs and hypothesis testing for professional and academic projects.
  • Training for software packages including Excel, SPSS, Minitab and R.